$ traceroute self                  welcome to this website. of all the places i exist on the
    traceroute: unknown h̸o̴s̵t̵ s̴͈̺͂ë̷͕͉́ḷ̵̇̀ḟ̶̢̤̔      internet, this is one of them. a place to exist, slowly.

2022-07-14 09:31:XX

Anonymous Animal is an hourly experience that plays with time, place, and connectedness.

Get it while it's hot.

2022-07-12 12:18:XX

I looked outside I looked into the eyes
Of the impersonal mob I've seen a thousand times before
Feeling under covers like books on a shelf
If we're scared of one another
Must be scared of our self

More than just another crowd
We need a gathering instead.

— Operation Ivy, The Crowd

2022-07-11 15:55:XX

Are dead links a feature or a bug? The oldest website I still maintain is fundamentally how it was in 2004. I dont know what its PageRank is, but one of these days I'm going to forget to pay for that VPS and there's going to be a hell of a lot of severed connections.

Hundreds of people over the years have typed in that url thousands of times because that's where their friends are. It's a bit of a dusty old place now, but people still key in those letters to see if their friends happen to be there waiting for them again.

** server can't find ⼠ℯ⫤␜⅍⦁⌖⺨⥶⣰≅⎊: NXDOMAIN

Ah. Well. Maybe each dead link just makes space for a new one.

2022-07-10 XX:XX:XX

There's a lot to be said about the comparisons between making a website and gardening. A snip here, some patience there. A gradual process of refinement. It's circular. You don't finish. Sometimes you get bored and dig it all up to start again.

Sometimes you go back

to the beginning.